Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Bible or Big Brother?

I was sitting in LabCor office awaiting my pee-test for the new job that have acquired, nervous about my results being screwed up by a diet pill that I have recently begun taking that actually allows me not to eat, when I noticed the Holy Bible lying on the coffee table amongst the random magazines like Working Mother.  Suddenly I am reminded that in this country there is one thing that you can find just about anywhere, and that is the Christian Bible.   It is in every hotel room, waiting room, and probably every office.  Now, I am not sure if I should be comforted by this fact or appalled by it.  Being christian myself, I suppose that I should be comforted by the fact that I can find the word of God where ever I go.  But at the same time it is presumptuous to have only that book available and not the Quran or any other religious text that is not affiliated with Christianity. 

Then the obvious hits me, and I am brought back to my insane obsession with X-Files.  There was an episode which described the government, as part of its conspiracy to cover-up the cooperation with alien life-forms who plan to take over the planet, as having kept track of every person in an attempt at cataloguing the human race.  One way in which this was done was through implanting survey materials inside these Bibles that are found throughout our society.  It is the perfectly hidden, assumed innocent, item in which to hide such Constitution-breaking procedures. 

This brings me back to why the X-Files  are so great.  They have touched to the great paranoid vein of America.  Most people are skeptical of the government and the actions it takes against people's Constitutional rights.  Just think of all the people who are skeptical of whether or not we landed on the moon, the conspiracy that killed President Kennedy, or most of all that George Orwell's "Big Brother" really exists and is watching.  There are hundreds of stories out there that outline the assumption that the U.S. government has far more advanced technologies than one would ever imagine and that it uses these technologies secretly against its own citizens.  The X-Files just takes it two steps forward to include not only an international cover-up, but one that includes extra-terrestrials as well.   The question is, why are those Bibles there?  Are they for the comfort of a seemingly decreasing population of christian Americans?  Or are they part of some other, more seedy operation?


  1. Oh dear! that is the question not only asked on your side of the pond but on this side too, but in the UK the bible has been removed from public places as it may offend other denominations which we Chistians of GB think sad as this is a Christian country first and foremost although sometimes you would not beleive it. Hope your test went OK.
    Beverley (UK)

  2. Which word of God? Because I hear that it is pretty fun to hear the old man say 'aluminum.'


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