Monday, May 17, 2010

Sounds Like Greek To Me!

As a historian, I am intrinsically interested in the learning and experiencing of new cultures.  When I am planning out vacations, I do not just think about going to a place where I can have fun in the sun.  My vacations include excursions which allow me to delve into things outside of myself.  For example, even a trip to New York City is a cultural experience for me.  I am after all a southerner.  What I truly long for is to learn and experience cultures that are not only exotic to me but  include a far older and deeper history than my own.  There is just one problem.  I am a poor graduate student. 

My solution?  The Greek Festival!   Okay so I was really just experiencing the food, and drink, of the culture but who can blame ya?  The day started off rather well since a rather attractive man let us into the festival without paying the entrance fee.  I am not sure if he let us in out of admiration for our beauty or out of pity since we were so overzealous at the thought of Greek food that we showed up about a half-hour before they actually opened.  At any rate we were in, and ready to eat.  One of the most difficult decisions of the afternoon was whether or not to get a bottle of wine.  My personal opinion was that we were there to experience another culture, and we could not very well really get a grasp of that culture without sampling the wine.  My opinion won the day.  We not only purchased and drank the bottle of wine, but were so happy with its contents that we decided to take multiple pictures with that magnificent bottle!  Oh yeah and the food was delicious too!   Be sure to attend your own local Greek Festival!


  1. It's the feta cheese that puts me off! But I guess washed down with a bottle wouldn't be quite so bad!

    CJ xx

  2. Looks like a good bottle of wine. How super to have a Greek festival, it doesnt happen here!


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