Thursday, July 15, 2010

God and Communism

So my pastor leads the Sunday School which I attend on Sunday mornings.   This past week, we were discussing the meaning of justice in the context of the Bible, and someone offered the definition of fairness.  The pastor disagreed with this definition for justice because of the different interpretations of "fair" and the political ramifications that this word could denote.  He then actually mentioned, more than once, that to define the Bible's "justice" as fairness comes too close to communism.  Now he did not actually say that God would be against communism in general, but the political climate in the room definitely gave me the feeling this was what he meant.  I also got the feeling that I was alone in thinking that fairness and indeed the Utopian idea of communism is just what God would have in mind for us if He had not given us free will and therefore allowed the strong to prey on the weak. 

I was good and held my tongue during that part of the discussion. Still, my mind was reeling, thinking of how so many people misunderstand the true meaning of both communism and socialism because of the abuse that leaders around the world have given to the institution.  The age group of the class ensured that my feelings toward the economic system would definitely differ from the others since I was by far the youngest one in the room.  I did have my childhood during the Cold War, but I did not live with as much of that threat as the rest of them.  Facing less of a physical threat of imminent World War III, I am able to view the institution more objectively and see past the disgrace that Soviet leaders such as Stalin and Cuba's Castro have done with the nineteenth century ideal.  I am not saying that I think that we should abandon capitalism and turn toward a complete egalitarian economy.  What I am saying is that equality among all of His children is something God may look upon with favorable eyes. 

What does your faith tell you?


  1. I started giggling when I read the "discussing justice in the context of the Bible." Biblical justice doesn't bring many warm and fuzzy images to mind. Mainly pain, like crucifixion and stoning. Oh, and that whole pillar of salt, destroying a city, and killing the non-believers' first born sons thing. And really big bugs. Oh, and starvation. And I think there was a tidal wave in there somewhere too.

  2. We were not talking about how God had given justice... more how we were supposed to live with justice ... to be just

  3. My idea of universal justice is when Forrest Gump beat the Chinese playing ping pong.

    And if all that people can think of when it comes to socialism and communism is riots, Tiananmen Square, martial law, Nazis (fascism is different!), and genocide, remember that Captain Kirk was a socialist, too.

    They didn't call it the United Federation for kicks, people! In the words of Austin Powers, those capitalist pigs will finally pay for their crimes against the people, eh Comrades?


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